Mattel’s new £250 3D printer lets children print and customize their own toys at home

At the New York Toy Fair trade this year Mattel announced a brand new £250 home 3D-printer aimed at the best toy experts in the world, namely childeren!

ThnigMaker Design

The so called ThingMaker and its companion application (see screenshot below) will allow children to design their own toys and even customize their existing ones.

The app that is used to create and alter 3D models which can eventually be printed is made in collaboration with Autodesk, known for their many 3D modelling applications such as Maya and 3DS Max.


Although 3D printers are becoming more and more popular in many household, the software that is needed to create actual 3D models is often complicated and definitely not aimed for younger audiences.

Mattel wants to change things around and create a simple 3D modelling app for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices that enables even children to play around and model their own creations by making use of pre-built templates and models.

The ThingMakes can somehow be seen as the 2016 version of the original ThingMaker from the 1960′s which allowed children to pour liquid plastic into molds and thus also create their own toys.


It’s yet unknown when the new ThingMaker will hit the stores here in Europe, but we assume it’ll be somewhere at the end of the year with price tag somewhere aroun £250/€300.