Disney’s new wearable super hero toys aim to ‘get kids off the couch’

Teaming up with Marvel Comics, Disney aims to ‘get kids off the couch‘ with their brand new wearable super hero toys for children.


Disney Playmtion

The new line of toys looks pretty high-tech to they eye and aim to bring super powers to life and let kids experience what its like to be super heroes themselves. Kids can wear them anywhere inside the house and outside and can even download special ‘missions’ to perform with integrated software and a mobile application.

A standard ‘Playmotion’ set starts off with a price tag of $120,- with additional accessories costing $15,- more. A standard set will get you one of the Avengers’ super powers such as Iron Man’s glove or The Hulk’s massive fists.


The new line looks like quite a risk for Disney since the toys are relatively expensive meaning not everyone will be able to afford them. All the necessary hardware and software is developed in house by Disney themselves.

Disney aims for another release of the Playmotion line in both 2016 and 2017 with respectively new Star Wars and Frozen-themed sets.