Posted on: October 18, 2013 at 14:59
By Guy in toy
Kids Bring All Kinds of Art to Life

As a homeschool mom I’m always looking for interesting new projects to keep the kids occupied while stirring up their creativity. Recently we went for a walk through the city and wandered into an art gallery filled with work from local artists. There were mostly paintings and drawings but some sculptures were displayed as well.
The gallery owner is a grey-haired man with a bright welcoming smile who made conversation with us and invited us in even before we crossed the threshold. As I began to explain to my children how to appreciate the different techniques with which the art was created he presented from his office a lesson packet describing basic drawing techniques. He encouraged me to use this packet along with our homeschool curriculum to enhance their understanding and ability for artistic expression. We were so excited that we went through a brief lesson as soon as we arrived at home.

In addition to the more traditional practices of art including drawing and painting the kids enjoy building things both three dimensionally and by use of computer graphics. While sculpting would be more traditional the children prefer to take everyday objects and bring them to life, namely through robotics. Then also keeping with the theme of technology they have enjoyed the freedom of photography, the challenge of web development and the thrill of video game creation.

Yet keeping with the theme of working hands-on we were recently introduced to reverse negative transfer via acrylic medium. This advanced yet simple technique of transferring photography to a material canvas has allowed the children to expand their vision. They are truly taking their personal experience with photography and bringing it to life on a canvas. Where they can expand the original concept to whatever their hearts can imagine.