NFL star Andre Johnson is back with his 80-seconds shopping spree for children!

For the eight year in a row NFL super star Andre Johnson took 11 children from the Harris County Department of Family and Protective Services and allowed them 80 seconds of free shopping at the local Toys ‘R Us!

$16,266.66 bill

Andre Johnson who plays as Houston Texans’ receiver in the NFL took 11 years children with him for his famous shopping spree which eventually ended up in him paying the $16,266.66 bill at the local Toys R’ Us.

Johnson’s shopping sprees for local underprivileged children has become somewhat famous throughout the last 8 years. Johnson explains that one day he was at home with his uncle and all of a sudden he was like ‘I wanna do something good for Christmas!’


The 33 year old NFL player is known for focusing his free time outside of NFL training and matches on charities and helping local children in need.

Back in 2003 he even founded the Andre Johnson Foundation which aims to help children and teens who grow up in a single parent household.